About Us

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of color options. We want our customers to be excited and happy that they visited.

Our family farm is located in an area of the country that has sprouted with growth. We have a small flock of merino sheep.

We have one that was orphaned on the coldest day during this last winter. He follows Steve around like a puppy. He doesn't stray farm from his "daddy".

We have another one that was orphaned and cold. We had to bring her in the house and keep her there for a few weeks. She developed an infection but was nursed back to health. Even after she was older and back outside with the flock, she always came running when I (mommy) came around. Then she would stick to me like glue.

Knitting and spinning are beautiful was of relaxing and destressing. We learned to spin during a particularly stressful time in our lives. Learning to spin was a blessing in several ways. It allowed us to have some peaceful "sanity" time at a time when we could not find sanity or calmness anywhere. We had a wonderful teacher, Toni Neal, of The Fold, who has now become a wonderful close friend. It is with her encouragement and support that we have embarked on this adventure.

Steve & Cathi Nuelle
Gyspy Girl Creations