(Formerly Gypsy Girl Creations)

(Formerly Gypsy Girl Creations)

(Formerly Gypsy Girl Creations)(Formerly Gypsy Girl Creations)(Formerly Gypsy Girl Creations)

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Our History


With a small flock of merino sheep we figured out pretty quickly that we needed to do something with all the wool.  Needlework of any kind is a beautiful way of relaxing and de-stressing in this world of chaos and insanity. 

Our Products


Our fingering weight gradient yarn is a high quality, 100% superwash merino wool that is very soft and luxurious with different skein sizes available.  All skeins are hand painted individually so no two skeins will be exactly alike.

Our Inspiration


The world needs color!  Everywhere you look you can see color combinations that you never dreamed of.   The goal is to bring those colors to life for everyone to enjoy.  Each skein is hand painted into a lovely gradient yarn.

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